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Real-Time Conflict & Instability Data Table of the most "AT RISK" countries according to the "Fragile States Index." The table provides the 1 year historical average of the INSTABILITY Measurement of each country relevant to total global instability. This data is complied from global, multilingual news reports and discussion captured per day. The higher the number the higher the instability. The last 2 columns of the table calculate the 30 Day and 7 Day Percentage Change in Instability. A negative percentage represents a DECREASE↘ in INSTABILITY while a positive percentage represents an INCREASE↗ in INSTABILITY. Click Column Title to sort by column.

Date Fragile States Total Average 30 Day Change 7 Day Change
16 Jul 2018 Afghanistan 0.18560326 -0.02 -1.00
16 Jul 2018 Chad 0.01120994 -0.15 -1.00
16 Jul 2018 Dem. Rep. Congo 0.01174098 -0.54 -1.00
16 Jul 2018 Central African Rep. 0.00844680 -0.01 -1.00
16 Jul 2018 Iraq 0.20384241 -0.33 -0.32
16 Jul 2018 South Sudan 0.01382998 -0.26 -0.23
16 Jul 2018 Somalia 0.05247295 -0.27 -0.05
16 Jul 2018 Sudan 0.04237080 -0.12 -0.16
16 Jul 2018 Syria 0.46421690 -0.23 -0.21
16 Jul 2018 Yemen 0.14608027 0.16 -1.00

NOTE: This table represents a simple synthetic "instability" measure for the given countries offering a basic, but insightful, view of the current level of conflict and instability involving the selected country over the past year. The INSTABILITY SCORE is calculated by summing the total number of incidences of Material Conflict and Protests events together and dividing by the total number of all events worldwide monitored in the same time period.
Basic forecasts based on linear regression calculations of the total datasets are available for this table.
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