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Stability is the measure of regional resistance to political, economic, social and structural degradation or deterioration. Stabilizing mechanisms seek to create an environment for a populace that is legitimate, acceptable, and predictable.

In today’s strategic context, local, national and regional stability is extremely dynamic; constantly influenced by state and non-state actors, media, financial organizations and behaviors, natural events, and various types of human conflict.

StateStability compiles the most comprehensive, credible/verified news, information, analysis, and reports on national and international affairs. Through our global network of experts and advanced technology tools, StateStability categorizes, and delivers these news pieces and analysis from across the globe and supplements this with unique content from our expert contributors.

StateStability keeps the general public, government representatives, policy professionals, and others informed and accountable. By bringing more transparency to the complex and complicated world, State Stability is part of a positive change in news reporting and analysis.

The Internet is a primary source for news. Unfortunately, the decentralized nature of the Internet and the associated difficulty of determining the authenticity of “news” can have a very negative impact on our world. Why?

Because news and information (good and bad, real and fake) can shape government policy, affect law and legislation, reveal abuses, empower civil society, and encourage business participation.

Our mission is to MONITOR > DISSEMINATE > FORECAST. Through our unique platform, we raise awareness and inform society about critical news and issues using the core principles of fair, accurate, timely, and verified dissemination.

But StateStability does not end there…

While stability is of vital interest to us all, the low “signal-to-noice ratio of “news” online requires innovative and creative solutions that start with an accurate dissemination and ends with comprehensive forecasting analytics to enable predictions, policy corrections, and preparedness. Therefore, a key component of our servies is theStability Analytics Intelligence & Forecasting Platform (S.A.I.F.) which provides unprecidented correlative visualizations of historical data relevent to various aspects of national and international affairs.

The S.A.I.F. Platform is driven by a data collection methodology, fused with open source data, to conduct analysis and data visualization for consumption by leaders and policy-makers in governments and organizations.

Launch the S.A.I.F. Platform to learn more.

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