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StateStability Analytics, Intelligence & Forecasting Platform (S.A.I.F.)

The StateStability Analytics, Intelligence & Forecasting Platform (S.A.I.F.) provides unprecedented correlative visualizations of historical (and forecast) data relevant to various aspects of national and international affairs. The S.A.I.F. Platform is driven by a data collection methodology from leading sources and categorized in multiple tables in a large database. Monitoring and measuring is done daily on various aspects and subsets of governance, society, defense, environment, providing insights and data visualization for consumption by leaders and policy-makers in governments and organizations. The S.A.I.F. Platform tracks news and dialogue from around the world in multiple languages, leverages quantitative analytics to help users target trends and identify potential problems. While there are basic charts available to the general public, the true power of the charting platform (complex correlations and predictors) will be reserved for clients and members and is designed to empower government and policy experts with advanced analytics and powerful tracking tools for better decision making.


The StateStability Analytics, Intelligence & Forecast Platform (S.A.I.F.) blends traditional data analytics methods and tools with data, models and processes focused on geopolitical subject matter. This advanced scenario based analysis examines unfolding geopolitical issues through dynamic timelines showing actual and probable events on a future horizon. Our predictive models evolve as events related to them develop, incorporating new information and generating fresh insights dynamically shared in our charts and reports. The goal of the S.A.I.F. Platform is to analyze in a probabilistic manner geopolitics in order to foresee a wide array of possible events and their likely ramifications. Through our team of experts and advisors, S.A.I.F. is able to provide a unique perspective on situations and events that have a substantive impact on political, military and economic affairs. As theses affairs change, so does the importance of having the most relevant, accurate, and usable decision-making information. Disparate, wide-ranging, and unconnected data, requires knowledge, methodology, and visualizations that can transform these data into decision-making information solutions.

Our Focus: We collect, collate, and analyze massive amounts of critical data to create and apply insight. The resulting platform can help you knit together and use diverse data in a decision-making and analytical framework. Our forecasts and projections can help you better understand the current situation and how certain datasets might change or effect changes in other datasets in the future.

Data Analytics: Our resources are focused on helping clientele:

  • know more about current geopolitical situations & opportunities
  • better understand the how, when, where & what will change and by how much

Clientele: Clientele include private and public sector organizations located worldwide. Some clients use only our datacharts, others seek greater insights through our comprehensive reports. We work with corporate leaders and analysts, governments, consultants, academia,  associations, small and large businesses with wide-ranging products, services and operations.

Products and Services:  Our primary product/service areas include:

  • FlashPoint Daily Email News Service
  • Comprehensive Country Instability Reports (available for 195 Countries)
  • Comprehensive Regional Instability Reports (avaiable for 19 Global Regions)
  • Topic Specific Reports measuring and visualizing Subject Area Instability by Country
    • Global Political Instability Report
    • Global Security and Conflict Instability Report
    • Global Civil Societies Instability Report
    • Global Economic and Finance Instability Report
    • Global Environment Instability Report
    • Global Government Leadership Instability Report
  • Real-Time Regional Stability Dashboards (avaiable for 19 Global Regions)
  • Real-Time Country Stability Dashboards (available for 195 Countries)
  • Topic Specific Global Dashboards measuring and visualizing Subject Area Risks
    • Global Political Dashboard
    • Global Security and Conflict Dashboard
    • Global Civil Societies Dashboard
    • Global Economic and Finance Dashboard
    • Global Environment Dashboard
    • Global Government Leadership Dashboard

***All Dashboards and Reports include forecast data through linear regression calculations Through these various resources, StateStability is your partner for identifying risk, opportunities, and trends in an increasingly volatile global environment. Our focus is to identify and forecast sources of geopolitical risk and opportunity as it pertains to our client’s industry and strategy. Typical engagements include country risk assessments, market assessments and strategic planning support and feature direct access to StateStability analysts, consultants and intelligence network.

Ongoing Intelligence and Analytic Support: StateStability experts and intelligence analysts can, respond to your government and business needs and proactively evaluate emerging events in the context of their specific objectives.