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CHART DESCRIPTION: Real-Time Conflict & Instability DataChart of select countries as reported through global, multilingual news reports and discussion captured per day. Note: While correlative patterns can be seen between countries, it is also important to observe/monitor fluctuations in an individual country’s historical data. 
This display represents a simple synthetic "instability" measure for the given countries offering a basic, but insightful, view of the current level of conflict and instability involving the selected country over the past 180 days. Currently it is calculated by summing the total number of incidences of Material Conflict and Protests events together and dividing by the total number of all events worldwide monitored in the same time period. 
To better represent multiple datasets in a single chart, the data is normalized with the initial day being a value of "100" and all subsequent days calculated accordingly based on the initial value of "100". Therefore, any day with a value above "100" represents an increase of instability from the initial day charted. Likewise, any day with a value below "100" represents a decrease of instability from the initial day charted. 
Basic forecasts based on linear regression calculations of the total datasets are available for this chart.
For more analytics, visit the Caribbean Analytics Dashboard which provides additional trends and insights to help understand existing and emerging threats to regional stability.




The Caribbean Analytics Dashboard shows trends and insights to help understand existing and emerging threats to regional stability. For additional in-depth analytics, the S.A.I.F. Platform includes subscription based access and custom reports  with advanced analytics, powerful tracking, and robust management tools for government agencies, policy experts, and corporate clients. launchsmall