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A key component of the service is the Stability Trends Analytics and Forecasting Platform (S.T.A.F.) which provides unprecidented correlative visualizations of historical (and forecast) data relevent to various aspects of national and international affairs.

The S.T.A.F. Platform is driven by a data collection methodology from leading sources and categorized in multiple tables in a large database. Monitoring and measuring is done daily on various aspects and subsets of governance, society, defense, environment, providing insights and data visualization for consumption by leaders and policy-makers in governments and organizations.

The S.T.A.F. Platform tracks news and dialogue from around the world in multiple languages, leverages quantitative analytics to help users target trends and identify potential problems.

While there are basic charts available to the general public, the true power of the charting platform (complex correlations and predictors) will be reserved for clients and members and is designed to empower government and policy experts with advanced analytics and powerful tracking tools for better decision making.

Basic historical charts are free but custom reports, charts, and content will be provided for a fee.